Slaying the Goliaths in Your Life: Guest speaker, Tom Passo



THE ROAD TO YOUR DESTINY: The Mind-Blowing, Amazing Grace of God, The final Chapter

How would you fill in this blank:  "________________ always precedes honor in God's Kingdom."  Do you know the answer?  It's a key to fulfilling your God-given destiny.  Find out here in this teaching, The Road to Your Destiny, the final chapter in our series on Grace.    



OUR RESPONSE TO GRACE: The Mind-Blowing Amazing Grace of God, pt. 6

The amazing grace of God demands a response from those who have received it. This teaching helps us to understand what grace produces in us.  



THE NEW YOU: The Amazing, Mind-Blowing Grace of God, pt. 5

Many Christians suffer from a wrong self-image, seeing themselves through the eyes of their failures and limitations rather than the eyes of grace.  The grace of God, fully understood and applied, makes us see ourselves differently, as overcomers rather than just "sinners saved by grace" with no power to overcome anything.  Let this teaching open your eyes to the new possibilities of truly living in the truth of you being a "new creature in Christ."  



Why Invite People to Church

Research shows that 82% of unchurched people would be willing to attend a church service if a friend asked them to go.  This recording is a 4-minute memo by Pastor Andy explaining why and how something as simple as inviting people to church is an important part of reaching the lost.



The Mind-Blowing, Amazing Grace of God, pt. 4

The core concept of this teaching is that no one can fully appreciate God's grace until they understand corruption, just as the cure to a disease has little relevance to someone who does not believe they have that disease.  This teaching, therefore, deals with mankind's corrupt nature, the punishment for willful rebellion against God, and the cure for the dilemma of mankind's sickness called sin.  



What Grace is NOT

The extravagant grace of God has many expressions and results.  But there are some misconceptions about grace as well.  This teaching overturns a few sacred cows and explains what grace is and is not.  



Understanding the Mind-Blowing, Amazing Grace of God

The term "grace" is now so commonplace in Christian circles that in some respects it has lost its impact and full meaning.  While the common understanding of grace as "unmerited favor" is certainly true, there is much more to grace than this.  This teaching is an introduction to the deeper understanding of grace that will unfold throughout this series.  Prepare to marvel!  



GOODNESS AND MERCY: The Lord is My Shepherd pt 10

In this final installment of the study of Psalm 23, the expanded definitions of "goodness and mercy" are examined in light of the Hebrew language in which it was written.  And God's goodness and favor toward His people are indeed extravagent.  He wants us blessed!  But many of God's people disqualify themselves from God's best either because they refuse to believe that He wants them blessed, or because they don't feel like they are worthy of it.  Both of those wrong mindsets are dealt with in this teaching on God's goodness and mercy.  


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