Pam Hull gives her Testimony

BLF member and founder of Iron Aprons Women's Ministry, Pam Hull, takes the podium on this Sunday to provide an extended version of her testimony -- a glimpse into a once very troubled and broken life that God transformed into something beautiful and productive; a life that is now touching the lives of many others.  



FINISHING STRONG: Faith, the Next Level pt. 10

It has been said that strength is the product of struggle, and if you want to finish strong rather than fizzling out at the end of your life, you will need to embrace this universal truth.  Like the Apostle Paul when he wrote that he buffetted his body and made it his slave, we will have to inject energy into our spiritual lives if we want to continue to progress and fulfill God's will for our lives.  This teaching will show you not only what to watch out for in preventing being pulled off course, but also what steps to take to hit the tape at the finish line of your life still running at full steam.  



QUALIFYING FOR PROMOTION: Faith, the Next Level, pt. 9

Christian singer and songwriter, Lincoln Brewster, who provides an object lesson for this teaching, is one of the best modern day examples of God's method of qualifying His people for promotion.  A former lead guitarist for secular artist, Steve Perry (formerly of the rock group, Journey), Brewster had to undergo a wilderness pilgrimage, so to speak, after getting saved before God could use him in the way he's being used today.  The Scriptures tell us that we should consider it all joy when we encounter similar kinds of various trials, because the testing of our faith produces endurance (James 1:2-4).  But many people refuse to submit to God's refining process, not understanding that He has in mind to promote those who withstand that process so He can use them on a larger scale.  This teaching may answer some questions and produce some "aha" moments for people who have questioned why things have happened the way they have.  



HONORING YOUR SERVICE: Faith, The Next Level pt. 8

In one of the longest teachings ever delivered at BLF, this message is packed with life-changing information for those who have ears to hear.  In an era where personal comforts and conveniences rule the day even in the church, this teaching is like a bucket of cold water on a sleeping person, providing perspective on what Christian service really looks like, and how eternal rewards and loss of reward hang in the balance.  



Prayer Practices that Produce, by Tom Passo

BLF elder, Tom Passo, teaches on principles of prayer that produce results.  



CONFIDENCE BEFORE GOD: Faith, the Next Level pt. 7

I KNOW WHAT YOU'VE BEEN THINKING!  Yes, at times you feel like you don't measure up; like a victorious Christian life is for those "other" Christians, but not you.  You've blown it so many times that you don't even feel like trying anymore.  If that describes you, you suffer from the same identity crisis that many other Christians suffer from but rarely ever verbalize.  But if you could get a revelation about how God really sees you, and begin seeing yourself the same way, it would radically change things in your life.  Come discover how His yoke is easy, and His burden light.  It's time to discover how to have confidence before God.  



TYING GOD’S HANDS: Faith, the Next Level, pt. 6

Wanna hear something that may rock your theology?  Psalm 71 says of the ancient Israelites that they provoked God and LIMITED the Holy One of Israel.  Is it possible to limit God where you are concerned?  Even Jesus could not perform many miracles in his hometown because of the lack of faith of the people He wished to minister to.  This is a radical idea for some people who might believe that God will do whatever wants whenever He wants.  But that's not what the Bible says.  Scripture teaches that God responds to faith.  So it behooves us learn what faith is, and how we might be limiting God in our lives...if we want results, that is.  



HONOR IN THE MEETING OF THE CHURCH: Faith, the Next Level, pt. 5

Do you know that God has in mind to honor you?  God said in 1 Samuel 2:30, "He who honors Me, I will honor."  It's imperative, then, that we learn exactly how God expects to be honored if we want Him to honor us in return.  God has a glorious future in mind for you, but there are certain things He requires on your end to qualify for honor.    



THE REWARDS OF LOYALTY: Faith, The Next Level pt. 4

The scriptures tell us that it's the little foxes that spoil the vine.  Sometimes it's the "little" hidden things that go unnoticed that kill people's progress and hinder their prayers.  The issue of loyalty is one of those things.  This teaching examines what loyalty is, and looks at three Biblical examples of loyalty and and disloyalty, and the results of both.  You're about to discover how serious God is about loyalty, and how a person who lives it out is favored and blessed as a result.  



The Power of His Resurrection: Forgetting the Past, Straining Toward What is Ahead

It has been said that the past is always with you.  But the Christ-follower has been given a promise that "old things are passed away; behold, all things have become new."  Jesus' reserrection, therefore, wasn't for Him alone.  The scriptures tell us that the same power that raised Christ Jesus from the dead is at work within us, changing us, refining us, and shaping us into brand new people in the image of the One Who conquered death, hell, and the grave.  So you can truly leave the past in the past and embrace the calling for which God has created you.  With the right perspective, today can be a new beginning for you.  It's day one of the rest of your life!   


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