UNITE AND CONQUER: A More Excellent Way, pt. 3

The scriptures tell us that our enemy, the devil, prowls around looking for someone to devour.  And one of his most effective strategies is "divide and conquer," turning God's people and families against one another.  But by adopting the mandate to UNITE, we can conquer in the Name of our Lord and do more together than we could ever do alone.  Learn what strife does to families and churches in this teaching, and how to avoid it.  




Jesus predicted that in the last days the love of many would grow cold, and the Apostle Paul prophesied that in the last days people would would be unloving, unforgiving, and even brutal.  We are living in the days predicted 2,000 years ago when anger, hatred, and the spirit of offense is running rampant in our world.  But we as Christians are called to swim against this current and model the love of Jesus that can melt icy hearts.





A More Excellent Way

Do you know what the Scriptures say the "more excellent way" is?  It is this more excellent way that should be the underlying motive for everything we do.  In fact, it is only this excellent way that will gain a reward in eternity.  



My Refuge and Fortress, pt. 6

If the promises of Psalm 91 are true, what do we make of the churh shooting in Texas?  There are some perspectives we can gleen from scripture that is germane to this tragedy and how we should view it.  



THAT ALL MAY GO WELL WITH YOU: My Refuge and Fortress, pt. 5

The timeliness of this current series we are on can only be Divine in light of two mass shootings in a very short period of time -- the Las Vegas shootings and the Texas church shooting.  God wants us talking about this for a reason.  We need to build our faith on the promises of God pertaining to His protection.  This particular teaching deals with a command of God with a wonderful promise, THAT ALL MAY GO WELL WITH YOU.  



I WILL SAY OF THE LORD: My Refuge and Fortress pt. 4

Did you know the declarations of your mouth can have an effect on how much of God's protection yhou enjoy?  Proverbs 18 says that the tongue has the power of life and death.  Saying the wrong things can change everything, and there are two sides of this truth that are explored in this teaching, as well as a short examination of quantum physics and how even science validates these Biblical truths!  Fun stuff!  



TRUST THE COVENANT: My Refuge and Fortress, pt. 3

Psalm 91 is actually a covenant promise to those who are in a covenant relationship with God.  This teaching elaborates on what that means, while also addressing more misunderstood concepts about Job.



WHY FEAR OPENS THE DOOR TO THE ENEMY: My Refuge and Fortress, part. 2

The man, Job, is hailed as a Bible character with a blameless attitude toward God and a person who we should try to emulate.  But Job had some terribly wrong ideas about God that opened the door to the enemy.  Learn how to recognize and avoid these mindsets, and how they lead to fear, opening the door to the enemy's attacks.  



MY REFUGE AND FORTRESS: Trusting God’s Promises in a Scary World

The world has increasingly become a scary place.  From wild weather to terrorists, there are lots of things that threaten the fragility of life.  Must the Christian live in fear then?  No!  The Bible has lots of promises of divine protection for those who choose to believe them and appropriate them.  Be encouraged by this teaching as we review how God is truly our refuge and fortress.  



REFINING THE VISION OF BLF: Who We Are, What We’re About

This teaching is a casting of vision by Pastor Andy about what BLF has been called to, what we're about, and what we are trying to accomplish.  


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