MICHAL’S VERY BAD DAY: After God’s Own Heart, pt. 9

Why did Michal, wife of David, have such a bad day when David danced before the Lord?  What consequences did her actions bring?  And what can we learn from her regarding not only worship, but also life in general?  In this teaching you might just learn some of the most important principles about life and worship that you've ever heard.  


DEEP CALLS UNTO DEEP: After God’s Own Heart, pt. 8

The deepest part of God is constantly calling to the deepest part of man, beckoning us to a deeper, more vibrant relationship with Him.  When we respond to Him, He draws closer to us and we grow in unexpected ways.  And one of the way we draw close to Him is through worship.  This teaching will chronicle the various ways in God's Word that He tells us to worship Him.  Depending on your church background, prepare to have your paradigm challenged a little, and your understanding of worship expanded.  (NOTE: There is a gap of silence in the teaching where the audio went down during the preaching, but keep listening; it's a small gap.) 


WHEN LIFE IS UNFAIR: After God’s Own Heart, pt. 7

Have you been stabbed in the back?  Betrayed by people you trusted?  Misunderstood or mistreated unjustly?  Welcome to the club!  You are in good company!  It seems as though one of the ingredients in a life of significance is enduring unjust treatment and doing it honorably.  Drawing once again from the life of David, we see just how that's done when he responded to King Saul's murderous intentions.  



Jealousy has been referred to as the green-eyed monster.  And overcoming it is not an easy task, as envy and jealousy have subtle ways of hiding themselves from the ones who suffer from them, entangling themselves deeply around one's soul.  The end result of giving into jealousy, as we learn in this teaching concerning King Saul, is a warped personality entrenched in revenge and control.  But God has a surprising remedy for jealousy, as we shall discover in this teaching, and overcoming in this area has wonderful rewards attached to it.


HOW BIG IS YOUR GOD?: After God’s Own Heart, pt. 5

More reasons why David had radical, giant-killing faith.  Don't miss this one!





Giants can take on many forms: lack, failure, addiction, disease, depression, etc.  But we as Christ followers are not supposed to curl up in the fetal position when things get tough.  We are ordained of God to be giant killers in every situation.  There is much to learn about David's example of faith when he faced a literal giant.  



BLF elder, Mark Suverkrup, delivers this important message on the foundational principles of how to think like a Christian and operate in the world with the keys to God's Kingdom.  


A Fresh Release of the Spirit in 2019

God wants to release a fresh anointing of His Spirit in your life this year, but sometimes God requires things on our end in order to receive the rewards He has laid up for us.  This teaching will both challenge and inspire you to go deeper with God this year, and let Him do a work in your life that will lead to more fruitfulness, more progress, and more reward.  


Breakthrough 2019

What will 2019 hold in store for you?  Will it be a year of accelerated progress and growth, or a year of more of the same stuff you experienced in 2018?  Your level of responsiveness to God and passion in seeking Him will answer that question.  This teaching will shed light on how you can seek God more passionately in 2019, and thus experience more growth than you ever have.   


Power Tools 2019

In Matthew 6, Jesus provided instruction on three basic expectations of the follower of Christ.  If we can up our game in these three areas in 2019, we will rise in our spiritual lives in unexpected and powerful ways.  These are three power tools for dynamic spiritual growth in the coming year.  

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