IF YOU LOVE ME, FEED MY SHEEP: Called Out, pt. 6

Jesus once told His disciple, Peter, the same thing He says to you and me today: "If you love Me, feed my sheep."  This teaching will focus on a very important and fundamental concept in being a disciple of Christ, and that's being involved in some way, shape, or form in building up Christ's Church and His people.  


Called Out, pt. 5

When God calls a person out of darkness into His Kingdom, He places a mantle on your life.  But in order for us to fulfill God's call to its fullest, we will have to implement certain expressions of loving God.  You see, if we truly love God, there are certain things that we will naturally embrace and love right along with Him.  And this emphasis on loving God supremely will speed you along toward your ultimate calling and destination.   


Called out, pt. 4

Discoveries in quantum physics have demonstrated that words and beliefs carry different energies which may direct the course of one's life toward good or bad.  While science and the Bible now agree on this critical concept, much of the Church remains uninformed and under-equipped about the power of one's words and beliefs.  Prepare to get informed...  



When we give our lives to Christ, we are translated out of one kingdom to another.  As such, we cannot bring the mindsets and and practices from our old citizenship into our new nation.  God has a way of doing things, and His ways are not the ways of the world.  And as His people, we must learn to do things differently compared to our old life.  We will examine in this teaching one method of doing things that is in stark contrast to the world's ways.  In short, you are the prophet of your own life. 


CALLED OUT, part 2: Made in God’s Image

If we are truly made in God's image like the Bible says, then that audacious claim carries quite a bit of responsibility with it.  If we are made in God's likeness, and He is limitless, then maybe we should not settle for the self-limiting beliefs that keep us doing more in this life for God's Kingdom and having more significance and influence.  This teaching will help you to realize just how much potential you really have, and how much more you have been created to do and accomplish when you get a revelation of the what it really means to be created in God's image.  


CALLED OUT: There’s More to Your Story

Did you know the Bible says that there is a book being written about you in heaven?  What does your story look like so far?  Well, regardless of how the story of your life has unfolded so far, there's more to that story; more than you probably are able to imagine.  And God wants to reveal what He has in mind for you.  He wants you to develop a Kingdom mindset, not just a "ME" mindset.  We will discover in this teaching how the Kingdom of God actually operates, and how He has recruited you to be a part of His plan of advancing that Kingdom in the earth.  Buckle your seatbelt for our new series, CALLED OUT.  


Risen with Christ

"The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a legend made up by religious zealots and believed by weak-minded people."  That is the mantra of many who have undertaken the task of disproving that the resurrection ever happened, only to come away from those investigations believing!  This teaching will introduce you to a few of those people, including Sir William Mitchell Ramsay, who spent 15 years of his career in Palestine and Asia Minor investigating the claims of Christianity that Jesus was raised from the dead.  The second half of this teaching will discuss why the resurrection of Jesus Christ is such an important historical fact to you and me, and why it validates Jesus' claim that He is the only way to salvation.  


THE LEGACY OF THE GODLY: After God’s Own Heart, pt. 12

The ultimate statistic is still true: 10 out of 10 people die.  And when it's your time, how do you want to be remembered?  What legacy do you want to leave behind?  What are you passing on to your children and the other people around you?  How are you building the Kingdom of God?  Will what you are doing right now stand the test of time and be eligible for a reward in eternity?  In this last teaching in the series on David, we once again draw from his example in his elderly years to demonstrate the importance of having a multi-generational mindset.  


FLIES IN THE ANOINTMENT: After God’s Own Heart, pt. 11

King David was a successful, godly, and much-loved ruler in Israel.  But years of successful leadership was overshadowed by one dreadful day in David's life.  It was his own personal "fly in the anointment."  In this teaching we examine what led to this dark day in the life of David and how we can avoid a similar fate.  


SAVING FAITH, Mark Suverkrup

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